Getting Fit @ 61-Day 396

New Garden Plot

I’ve been reading about “no-till gardening” and want to give it a try.  Some vegetables like corn and squash take more room than I can allow in my small raised bed gardens.  In preparation for a garden plot next summer, I’ve covered a square of ground with a thick layer of cardboard and newspaper, then a 6-inch layer of hay mulch to kill the grass.  Next spring I will dig holes for my plants, add compost and more mulch; so this is a very long-term project and it remains to be seen how it will turn out…


Week 56 Weight Loss: 37 pounds

Day Three Hundred Ninety Six


  • 65 bpm Resting
  • 3 min Peak
  • 14 min Cardio
  • 2 hr 59 min Fat Burn

STEPS:  10,000 (more or less, had to glue the band on my FitBit, so wasn’t on my wrist for at least 2 hrs)

  • 4.5 Miles

CALORIES BURNED:  2,000 (est)

  • 62 Active Minutes


  • 202 cal. Breakfast=cereal, milk, coffee
  • 10 cal. AM snack=coffee
  • 279 cal. Lunch=leftover chicken, asparagus
  • 0 cal. PM snack=tea
  • 978 cal. Dinner=queso & chips, taco, beer
  • 31 cal. Eve snack=grapes

CALORIE DEFICIT: 500 (goal met)





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